Monday, 20 February 2017

So here it goes. My first ever blog post.

I suppose I ought to introduce the blogs purpose;


I am currently an ICT subject leader and Year 4 Teacher in Exmouth, Devon. I am about to embark on a leadership journey.

In the last few years I have been busy preparing myself for leadership through completing the DFE young leaders course and am now currently studying an NPQML.

Blog purpose

I am hoping to use this blog to share my journey into leadership and hope to gain some followers and like minded people to share ideas and questions with along the way.

 I would also like to use the blog as a thoughts bubble base for sharing my ideas for developing teaching and learning, as well as developing the use of IT in schools.

I hope that you enjoy the blog and please do feel free to comment and share.

Today's thought

Does leading ICT count when applying for leadership positions? Or will schools only be looking at how you impacted on the core subjects? I guess this is something I am going to find out on my journey.

Wish me luck.......


  1. It depends on the leadership role Paul. In interviews I've gone for on leadership you're normally interviewed across the range. Leadership and management, curriculum, teaching and learning, data analysis, so forth and so on...

  2. Thanks Mark. Yes fully expecting the range of questions :) You might be interested in my next post which will be about our whole school culture change from an old ICT suite to roaming chromebooks.